A week night out for free

Well it’s been a while since I have posted and I have massively neglected this blog but it comes from a lack of confidence and the fact I had/have no idea what I am doing when it comes to blogging! I am definitely learning very slowly but hey I am getting there and that’s all that matters, right?

Anyway I thought I would write about an unexpected offer I came across in a magazine…

The other Saturday whilst awaiting my car to be smoke-bombed (that’s a whole different story) I was sitting in the sunshine at the garage flicking through my magazine and came across an advert to see a new film at the cinema for free by just signing up to a new site.  It’s one of those adverts you see that you never believe so considering I had some time to kill, I hopped on my iphone and began to subscribe.  The site was called Show Films First and here is the link http://www.showfilmfirst.com/

Once you have signed up you get a choice a films to see and this one advertised in the magazine I was reading was for the new film Trainwreck.  I’d seen this advertised and wanted to see it as it looked hilarious and Amy Schumer is non stop comedy! All I had to do was input the code from my magazine into the website and a list of available cinema’s over the UK came up and I picked my closest cinema  (Bluewater Showcase Cinema’s) and you can register for a max of 2 tickets per screening. I printed my tickets & messaged my friend and told her to meet me at 6.30pm at Bluewater for a free night out!

Once arriving you meet a representative from the company and they scan your ticket and off you go – it is literally as simple as that!  A night out for nothing but a bag of sweets.

The film itself was actually really good and as a pre-screening there are no adverts which made it even better to begin with.  If you fancy an easy watching, love story then I would definitely suggest going to see.


I will definitely be using this company again and once signed up they email you with the latest films that are coming up and also availability in your area, so you don’t even have to search!

If you fancy signing up to then you can do so using the above link, I would definitely suggest.  The hardest part will be choosing who you are going to take 🙂

Much Love xxx

Let’s Juice this…

Where do I start?

With the fact I am sure some will think I am crazy for doing this or the fact that I think I’m a little mad for doing this?

I have decided to endure a juice diet, yes raw juice for a 10 day period, no solids what so ever, just juice.  I have to keep repeating the word ‘juice’ to myself so it sinks in to me what I am actually challenging myself. I came across a book on Amazon called ‘The Reboot Juice Diet with Joe Cross’ and I was intrigued.  I had heard of a juicing diet before but had never done any research on one.  I was engrossed by the stories written on Amazon reviews from people’s journeys from doing a ‘reboot’ plus completely struck at the film he made called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead that I had to watch it on Netflix straight away. Juice some to help anything from migraines, depression and weight loss.  It covered a wide spectrum of health issues and the answer seemed to be just juice.

I have always battled with my weight and in pure fact I need to be a little more honest with myself and admit that a lot of it is to do with pure laziness.  I have the best intentions of being ‘good’ or going to do some exercise but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.  You know the phrase ‘all the gear but no idea’ that is so me when it comes to the gym! I’m embarrassed to admit it but after having my son who is now 4 my weight seems to have just ‘stuck around’ apart from about 6 months where I lost about 2.5stone (amazing what a break up can do, every cloud…..) so I have come to the decision that enough is enough and it’s time to do something about it.

After seeing some horrendous photo’s of myself this weekend and also finding that running around after my son is starting to get me tired I need to shed some weight. I don’t want to be the ‘fat friend’ any more or the unfit mother in the playground.  I want to be the one strutting around in my size 12-14 Warehouse jeans (currently an 18 which they do not sell in Warehouse I have you know!) but more importantly I want to be a good role model for my little boy and I want to be around to see him grow up which scarily I might not be if I carry on the way I have been doing.

So I have decided to give this juicing reboot a go, a kick-start into a lifestyle change has always got to be a good thing.  I know seeing the lbs on the scales dropping off over the duration will be the motivational kick-start that I so desperately need. 10 days of juice……just juice.

Here is how the journey started…

Bank Holiday Monday and after my son was collected by his dad I decided to go to a local supermarket and buy my first 5 days worth of juicing ingredients.  As it is a well known fact that fruit can be rather expensive so I decided to give my local Lidl a visit after hearing raving reviews on how fresh their produce was and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  I set off with my canvas shopper bags (a tip off a friend as you pay for bags otherwise) and a small budget.  After about 40 minutes of browsing round the aisles I had my juicing haul ingredients…. here is what the checkout looked like….


I have never once done a shop for myself that looked like this!! Apart from when I was making my son’s first meals as a baby and whizzing them up together to make some interesting meal plans!

This haul came to an amazing £24 which I was really shocked about as I was expecting a lot more.  I have to say great big thumbs up to Lidl as the produce was definitely fresh and marked at an incredible price.

Once home, I unpacked my new found health items and found somewhere to store them all, my house is only small so I needed to get creative….

FullSizeRender (8)

Can’t beat an under the bed storage box……!

I had to ”test” out the juicing machine that I had so I whizzed up my first mini juice to make sure I knew how to use it all. I was surprisingly shocked as it tasted really good, apples/orange & carrot.  Winner.

Day 1…

4 juices, 2 glasses of coconut water 500ml in total and 1L of water.  This was my meal plan.

Here is how it looked in pictures…

FullSizeRender (10) FullSizeRender (9) FullSizeRender (15)

These mean, whizzer, juice machines are awesome! I bought a whole fruit juicer as my lifestyle is all about saving time!  when your running out the door trying to get your child to breakfast club on time and then at work on time the last thing you need to be doing is chopping fruit and veg, I just wanted to chuck it all in and ta-dah!

I totally under-estimated how long making 1 juice (2 portions) would take, so I am realising that it’s all about planning in advance with this diet which is something I will need to get used too!

Also another thing…..the mess! The mess is UNREAL !!

FullSizeRender (12) FullSizeRender (11) FullSizeRender (13)

You need a good scrubbing brush…!

I have planned in advance too tonight and made 1 of the 2 juices required for tomorrow’s reboot…

FullSizeRender (14)

Green Citrus – Apples / Oranges and Kale.  I had a little taste and it actually tastes lovely….which I am happy about after today’s juice….

So, Day 1 and I am feeling full which I did not expect but it’s a great feeling knowing that hopefully all 10 days will fell like this…. inspired!

I have to say that I am excited, excited for my change for me and my little boy x

I will keep you posted..

Night xXx

Choc-a-liscious goodness…

I am slightly addicted to baking which you will get to know as my little blog grows.  I think as a young child my mum always taught me how to bake little cakes & flapjacks & I remember sitting there begging to lick the spoon or competing with my younger brother on who got that first gooey lick! 😄

So, yesterday I had half an hour to kill before I popped to a friends for dinner & washing help (my machine has broken & you don’t realise how much you rely on it! – new one on order) so I decided to try this new recipe I found & I have to tell you now that it is fantastic & the cookies are incredibly gooey with the oozing chocolate melting through…..shall I stop?!

So, here’s what you’ll need…

100g of butter (leave out of fridge for a good hour so it softens first)

125g light brown sugar (sure Caster would work fine)

1 yolk from medium egg

Few tablespoons cocoa powder

1/2tsp bicarbonate of soda

Half a bar of dark chocolate roughly chopped

Nuts (optional)

Good lined baking tray!
Put oven on at 190 degrees. Let’s bake…

Cream together the sugar & butter so light & fluffy.  I whisk with a hand mixer as I’m lazy!!

Add the yolk to the mixture. I used to use my hands to seperate eggs but then I found this useful little tool – godsend! I think this one was from Lakeland.com – I love their baking tools.

Next sift in the flour & add the bicarbonate & give it a good old whisk together.

Some say it’s best to chill the mixture now for 10 or so minutes but I can’t wait that long as I want to taste these heavens!!

Next, add the chopped chocolate pieces, there is no technique to this just chop!!

Add the nuts also if you are using them, I chose not too on this occasion.

Divide the mixture into individual balls & place on your lined baking tray. I think I made about 8 as I like them fairly HUGE!! Press them down slightly until 2cm or so thick & space them apart as they do grow.

Once on your tray place in your oven for approx 8-10 minutes.

This gives you enough time to now do that washing up…..yawn!

Once the time is up remove from the oven. They probably look quite soft but don’t worry as they will harden quickly! They are probably also full of cracks but this is good as that’s where those chopped choc pieces ooze out…

Then tad-dah there you have it, some amazing chocolate heaven goodness.

Now enjoy….

Nat xXx

And so it begins…


So, here I am.  In my own little space in the blogging world, it feel’s a little strange but also very exciting. I have been thinking of writing a blog for a while know but with no idea how or when to start I have taken the plunge after reading some very inspirational stories of other peoples blogs, there are so many out there and so many I follow.  I find myself tucked up in bed spending hours upon hours reading the tales of other peoples lives and also getting captivated amongst all the amazing pictures people post.  I am not sure how I am going to include the ‘pretty’ pictures as I am far from a creative photographer.  I have an iPhone 5s and that’s how I capture all my daily activities so you may have to bare with me for a little while.  Anyway maybe I should tell you a little about me, my name is Natasha and i live in the garden county of the UK, Kent. I have been here for about 7 years now but my heart and ‘home’ will always be in the concrete city of Milton Keynes.  I’m sure I will tell you more about this in my blog posts to come.  I have a 4 year old son who is literally my world and I am a full time working mummy trying to juggle the life of both like many out there.  It’s hard work eh?  But it has to be done.  Life for me took a turn a couple of years ago now and I learn’t some incredibly valued life lessons in the process.  Let’s just say I’m sure I will be letting you ‘in’ to my life as my blog develops so getting ready for the ups, downs and the tears of it all.

For now, I will say goodbye as I wanted to keep this post short and sweet as I am now excited to see how this is going to be published once I hit that button!  It’s all a learning curve for me now so let’s see what mess I make of it all lol Plus I now need to work out how I add a picture as that’s going to be the main focus of my online diary, photo memories for me and my son to look back on. Right here goes…

Let’s hope I begin I to tell the tales of Mummysworksleeprepeat 🙂

I am looking forward to my blog journey…

Much Love, Nat xxx

finley mummy

Did the photo add…?! xxx